Can a Pink Bottom Lip be Permanently Darkened?

i am black male and have pink bottom lip, is there any laser that can make it permanently darker? I know no medication can. I do not have a medical condition, its just the way some black folks are.

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No laser can make your pink bottom lip darker

If you used to have a darker lip and now it's pink, then it would be wise to see what made it get lighter.  If not vitiligo, an autoimmune condition, then possibly some contactant that the lip was exposed to that made the melanocytes die and the lip got lighter.  Sometimes, skin grafts or pinch grafts can induce new pigmentation but this is not laser, although the CO2 laser could be used to prepare a wound on the lip to receive the new grafts.

permanent makeup tattooing might be considered as an alternative where the color selected would be the darker brown you want and it could be tattooed.  There are experts who do this for permanent eyeliner, eyebrows and lip color.

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