Safe Ways to Remove Hormonal Pigmentation and Sun Spots?

Hi I have pigmentation on my skin. I went to a skin specialist who said I have hormonal pigmentation and sun spots. She suggested I have IPL. After reading all the reviews I'm to scared to have this. Are there safer ways to remove pigmentation?

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Safe ways to Remove Hormonal Pigmentation and Sun Spots

The safest way to begin treating pigmentation issues on your face is with an appropriate topical regimen. It begins with SPF 30-50 Broad-spectrum sunscreen daily. Another great product for treating your face is a bleaching agent, like hydroquinone or kojic acid. These bleaching agents can be used once or twice-daily under the direction of a dermatologist to effectively remove unwanted pigment. Bleaching agents can be combined with tretinoin or alpha-hydroxy acids to make them more effective. 

After a regimen has been established, chemical peels are the next step in treating pigmentation issues. Chemical peels range from very mild and superficial, to deeper with more down time. Which peel you start with should be decided by you and your doctor based on skin type and how sensitive your skin is. 

Beginning with a topical regimen and chemical peels is a safe an effective way to treat your skin, before moving on to laser therapies.



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