Pigmentation Removal On Penis Glans?

I have a 3mm round pigmented area on the glans of my penis. I'm white so the skin on the glans of my penis is pinkish making this brown area really stand out. It doesn't really look like a mole, more like an area which is stained/dirty. A urologist said it was pigmentation and suggested lasers could be used for removal. Please could you give me more info - can this be removed safely and are there risks. What are typical costs? I thought also about cryotherapy...opinions on this?

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Many issues can result in a flat area of

pigmentation on your penis...generally something called melanosis...no relation to melanoma...can be left alone, treated by lightly burning the area with the electric pencil or using liquid nitrogen...also can be treated by several different kinds of lasers...or another perfectly acceptable alternative is to leave it alone

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