Photofacial After Laser Resurfacing?

I had laser resurfacing 12 weeks ago, and would like to have Photofacials to even out the complexion. Is it too soon? Or can I use a whitening gel with 2% hydroquinone to help even skin tone and not worry about irreversible black spots? My skin type is light American Irish.

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Photofacial is an excellent post-resurfacing treatment

With type 1 or 2 skin, 12 weeks after laser resurfacing, it is common to have areas of residual pigment and vascularity. In addition to the topicals mentioned, Photofacial treatments will balance your complexion safely and effectively.

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Light Treatments after Laser Resurfacing

It is important for you to consult with your physician/surgeon to make sure what is most appropriate in your particular case. However, I prefer to use fractional technology, such as the Active FX and Deep FX for laser resurfacing, which in general heals faster than most.

This means at 12 weeks you could start with IPLs. In fact, I usually follow all my fractional laser resurfacing cases with IPLs about 2-3 months afterwards in order to even out the complexion and fade any remaining spots or stains.

Again depending on your skin, hydroquinones may or may not be appropriate but often are a great adjunct to prevent recurrence of stains. As in all these cases, it is most important that you stay out of the sun.

Thank you.

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Photofacial excellent for evening skin tone 12 weeks after laser resurfacing

Topical hydroquinone and retin A are frequently used to rediuce pigmentation and even skin tone after Laser resurfacing.

Avoid further ab;lative laser resurfacing-you are still healing and getting the benefits of your laser resyurfacing.

IPL or Phoytofacial safe and effective to treat pigment and even skin tonme twelve weeks after laser resurfacing. I usualy have patients use the bleaching regimen between photofacials, stopping retin A a week before the IPL.

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