Persistent Red Marks Left Behind Acne/Breakouts?

Dear all, I wonder is my redness mark 1) a flat scar/scar tissue? 2) post inflammatory erythema? 3) prolonged/persistent/chronic acne (still bacteria beneath)? 4) diluted vessels? 5) Rosacea? What will be the effective treatment for this? I am considering: 1) Fraxel Restore 2) KTP Laser 3) IPL 4) Vbeam 5) Chemical Peels 6) Accutane or Viaminati 7) Antibiotics + Tretinoin

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Red Marks from Acne

Hi Andrew.  We do not have a picture, but if we assume that the red marks are residual scars from active acne, then we would suggest a pulsed dye laser.  You can search a Cynosure V-Star or Candela V-Beam.  Both are the same type of light and can help with your concerns.  Good luck.

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If you’re trying to make your acne scars better you need to have laser treatment, depending on how deep they are or what kind of scars you are dealing with. You have a few different options. There is Profractional laser, micro laser peel or even a face lift to stretch the skin and help improve the deeper scars. Good luck..


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