Can You Have Near Perfect Skin Again?

Hi Dr, I'm a female in my early 20s I have ALWAYS had great complexion (no acne experience, not even a single zit) Dec 2011, my skin broke out from an exfoliating tool. I later used Vit E ointment etc. I went to see a dermatologist who told me I have clogged pores/whiteheads/blackheads/and 1-2 pimples from using these products. He said I should be able to have clear skin by christmas. My Q: is it really possible for someone who has gone through "mild" acne...have near perfect skin again?

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Near Perfect Skin

Thank you for your question. Yes, it is possible to improve your skin again. You will need to have your skin evaluated, with recommendations on a good product line along with medicated products to use on your skin for maintenance therapy.  I recommend using some retinoid product for acne provided you’re a candidate.   Use of non-comedogenic sunscreen and non-oil creams will assist greatly in reducing acne.  Avoid the use of vitamin E creams, oils or ointment,s as they will put you at higher risk of break outs.  Allow your provider to determine your cream choices. For best and safest results, be sure to consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist expertise in acne, scarring, and skin of color. I hope this helps.

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Mild acne and near perfect skin is it possible

Perfect is not really possible in our world. No one has perfect skin. You can improve your situation but I would have to see your skin in pictures to really tell you. The key with acne is prevention. I think a multi layered approach to acne scarring is important.

Philip Young, MD
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