Are Pennsylvania plastic surgeons required to have someone (i.e. nurse) present during work performed in a surgery center OR?

My 3 yo child sustained an injury that required her to be seen by a plastic surgeon. We went to his surgery center and he took her back (with out us) and required us to wait in the waiting room, behind a locked door. He did not have anyone present during her procedure (local anesthetic, not general).

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Plastic Surgeons and Required Assistants?

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What you describe does sound weird to me!

I practice in PA but honestly don't know the legal answer. I suspect nothing illegal was done, but it might not be the wisest practice. Most plastic surgeons have helpers, assistants, or chaperones.

I would talk to your doctor about what happened. Maybe you should inquire with the state about other events. This might not be the first time. You might uncover something that is happening to others.

I suspect nothing bad happened, but you should inquire. Your child should be supervised at all times. If there is not a nurse present, it leaves the door open to potential problems.

I hope this helps.

Dr Chris Saunders

Wilmington Plastic Surgeon
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