Acne problem. How can I clear my skin?

i am facing acne problem on my face along time ! acne is gone but there is some acne scars on my face!& some times its embarrasing! i want to clear my skin ! that there were no pimples or some thing ever!

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Acne and skin

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The best advise is to consult a board certified dermatologist to evaluate the reason behind your acne. You need to find out if it is because you are genetically predisposed etc.  Accutane is an amazing medicine for these indications. The scars can be treated at a later date with lasers such as eMatrix. Best, Dr. Green

Old acne scar

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Please look for a plastic surgeon in your area with subcision experience. This will help you. It is much more effective than laser.

Different types of scars

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There are different type so f scars depressed.craised, rolling. Ice picks and there is not a single approach. For depressed scars bellafil filler after submission is a good option .For ice pick scars laser or punch excison followed by laser can be a better approach. These treatment needs to be individualized .Best

Morris Westfried, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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