Should I Opt for Fat Repositioning to Remove Dark Circles?

I have been told I look tired, exhausted, old (people say I look 31/married!) and sick. My dark circles are really quite a nuisance. I usually dont care for cosmetic procedures, but I believe this has a chance at improving my appearance greatly. I am still 21, and would love to get some opinions on the severity of my circles and what permanent options are available. Thank you.

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Treatment of the tear trough

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Your posted photos show a very slight tear trough and the skin above it is either thin thereby exposing the underlying muscle coloration and/or hyperpigmented. Because you do not have bags under your lower eyelids you have no fat that can be repositioned. The condition can be improved by injecting a filler or grafting fat to the tear trough area but it cannot be completely cured.

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Fat repositioning will reduce the fullness of the lower eyelid.

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It might even help with the way light interacts with the dark circle and make them look better.  However, if you are expecting this surgery to remove your dark circle, you are going to be dissappointed.  I have not had the opportunity to examine you.  However, I might encourage you to first try under eye fillers as an alternative to surgery.  Again, it does not remove the dark circle but it does help improve the situation.

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