Oily, Red, Sensitive Skin

Since 13 I have had pimples.I think it's normal at my age(now I'm 17)In winter my skin started to get oily.Before that,it was normal.Now I have an extremely oily,red,sensitive nose(the sebum starts to appear 15 minutes after washing my face),oily forehead and little dry cheeks.Apart that it sometimes peels a little,but I don't use overdrying products. And it's like this whatever the weather is.Maybe overdone face steaming in the past, caused rosacea and the oilyness.I'd like to hear your opinion

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Oily skin is a variant of normal

I, under no circumstances, am invalidating your observations, but your oily skin is likely normal and a result of your genetics.  Ask your parents if they have oily skin.  A professor of dermatology of mine always told me that 'You can't change your parents.'

With that being said, the most basic med for acne is retin-a which can have an effect on oil production and thus drying the oil glands.  You should talk to a dermatologist about this.

Good luck.

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