Is It Normal That Pimples Break when I Wash my Face?

It's just something that no one talks about or seems to report but that happens to me almost everytime I wash my face, even though I don't wash particularly strongly. The top part of the pimple pulls off from rubbing when I wash my face. It doesn't happen with all of the pimples but with the majority. The pimple breaks letting out pus and becoming a red mark overtime. So I'm not sure if this is the way accutane works with pimples. Is it better not to break them?

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Accutane treatment makes pimples more fragile

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It's no suprise that your pimples are coming to a head and rupturing with gentle cleansing while you are on Isoretinoin (Accutane). Accutane loosens the bonds between skin cells which is one of the ways that it improves acne--this loosening unplugs the hair follicle resulting in faster resolution and prevention of lesions. Contnue to cleanse gently and apply a high quality moisturizer afterwards. As the Accutane kicks in fewer lesions will form and therefore there should be fewer lesions draining when you wash you face. Good luck!

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Use good soap and your hands only

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No, this isn't how Accutane works with pimples. Something else is clearly going on. Popping pimples isn't good because it often leads to what you're describing - post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - and sometimes even scarring. You shouldn't be "rubbing" your face. You should be lightly washing it with a good, mild soap, like Dove or Cetaphil, or Aquanil. And using your hands - not a loofah, washcloth, scrubber, or sponge of any kind. Be very gentle to your skin. If you have questions, go over your routine with your prescribing Accutane physician; something isn't right and I don't want you to damage your skin.

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