Best treatment for my acne scars following pregnancy? (photos)

I went from clear to pitted in less than a year. Following the pregnancy of my second child, when done breast feeding I switched back from no hormonal birth control to regular birth control. I do not know if this is the cause of this but I have no idea what would have caused such a dramatic change at 30 years old. I've had perfect clear skin my whole life. Please tell me what is the best option for this scarring? I've done microdermabrasion with little results and a few chemical peels.

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Fraxel for acne scars after pregnancy

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One of the problems that I see with many patients during their pregnancy is that with the hormonal changes acne flare ups are quite common.  If the acne is not addressed during the pregnancy many people are left with scars.  The nature of these scars like the ones that you have since they are quite deep will not respond to peels or microdermabrasion.  The best treatment is a combination of fillers and Fraxel Laser at the 1550 setting.  Fillers like Restylane will immediately fill in the scars and help produce collagen.  The Fraxel will complement these injections and return your skin to its beautiful self.  Please seek out a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience in lasers and cosmetics for the best result.

FAST for Acne scars

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Acne is pregnancy can be very frustrating, but the scars left behind can be more frustrating. Laser is often necessary. The Focal Acne Scar Treatment (F.A.S.T.) procedure, combines two different fractional CO2 lasers and delivers outstanding results in a short period of time. F.A.S.T. procedures remove acne scars and give patients’ their self-esteem back in record time. In addition the  Fraxel laser therapy and fractional CO2 lasers are effective. We also offer the new platelet rich fibrin matrix (also known as PRP treatment or vampire facial), which promotes the growth of healthy skin and new collagen formation in and around the area of acne scars by introducing your body’s own growth factors deep into the dermis. This new acne star treatment is best used in combination with laser procedures and produces results that are very impressive.

Eric Schweiger, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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