What is this new growth on my butt check? (photo)

About 5 days ago, I noticed a bump on my lower butt cheek. It was very painful to the touch or when sitting down. It looked like a large pimple at first. I did not try to pop it and have not touched it besides when showering. It is now more flat but still large and painful. It is also darkening in color and the skin around it is very dark. I am wondering what it could be as I have never had anything like it before.

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Picture's awful and not very helpful...but

sounds like you have a small abscess/boil...heat and time probably should make it resolve without even resorting to antibiotics...I'd try to keep weight off of the area...sit on a towel or a wedge of a pillow...and apply a warm compress for 10-15 minutes several times a day for a week...and if it's still a problem then see your doctor

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