What Needs to Be Done to Correct my Eyes As Best Possible? (photo)

Hi, For years I have had darkness under my eyes, so dark that people sometimes first say, 'You get in a fight?' I once had Juederm put in there, and I believe it made it worse as all it did was dense the hyperpigmentaion. I am pretty dark up towards the upper corner of my nose too. Purpleish. I have taken some photos for you Doctors. Also, my eyes are always feel very dry. and also, I believe they look best when I first wake up, towards the end of the night they can be very bad! any help? thks

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Two issues here.

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The dry eye can be helped by a through examination by an eye ms-an ophthalmologist.  The dry eye is unrelated to the under eye circles.

For the under eye circles, hyaluronic acid filler is still the preferred treatment.  Of these products, Restylane rather than Juvederm is the preferred product.  Juvederm drifts after placement, a characteristic that reduces the risk of forming bumps in the skin when the service is performed by inexperienced injectors.  Restylane needs to be skillfully placed in the under eye area because is tends to stay precisely where it is placed.  If your prior treatment was within the past 3 years, you probably still have product in the lower eyelid area from this service.

Bottom line, before you dismiss this very powerful treatment option, it is helpful to actually consult with several specialist with a great deal of experience treating the under eye area.

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