Best Nasolabial Fold Treatment for Aging Skin?

I'm 62 and would like to get a nasolabial fold treatment, but not sure what is best for me.

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There are many ways to reduce nasolabial folds

There is no one best treatment for prominent nasolabial folds. The chosen treatment would depend upon what is present on your face. Is there excess fatty tissue within the nasolabial fold? Does a deep fold exist and is there excess (loose) skin? How full are your cheeks in the front (anterior regions)? The last question is the most important, in my opinion.

Excess fatty tissue may be ttreated with micro-liposuction.

The folds themselves could be filled with any one of many fillers. I like Perlane or Radiesse myself for this. These are temporary and must be repeated.

Your cheeks could be augmented to a more full, soft and youthful shape..depending on your existing shape by either using a cheek implant or a filler like Perlane or Radiesse.

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