My 4 Year Old Has Milia and She Has Been Told to Use Aldara for This 3 Times a Week?

I would like to know if this Aldara cream will work for my daughters milia. My daught has several spots of milia on er face and I am wondering how to prevent them. Also do they spreat if you squeeze them.

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Aldara does not work for milia

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Aldara does not work for milial cysts.  No you should not squeeze them.  In kids, milia often resolve on their own.  Its also easy to have a good dermatologist remove them if they are bothering the child. 

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Treating Milia in Young Children

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Despite the fact that Aldara has been used off-label to treat mollusca contagiosa (benign viral infection resulting in small bumps on the skin more commonly in children), I have not heard of it being used to treat milia (keratin-filled cyst) and I would not recommend it for a 4 year-old as it can be very irritating. I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist for confirmation of diagnosis and discussion of treatment options that are effective and that do not leave permanent marks. The good news is milia are not dangerous and are not infectious.  




Channing R. Barnett, MD
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Aldara not best for milia

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Aldara (off-label) has been used for mollusca contagiosa since it is a viral infection of the skin, but I know of no reports of it being used to treat milia.  You would of course need to see a dermatologist or her pediatrician to make this diagnosis and suggest best treatment approach.  Just a thought... no substitute for doctor visit, as I cannot diagnose or treat your daughter without seeing her. 

Best of luck.

Laura Haygood, MD
Tyler Dermatologic Surgeon

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