How can I plump out the area at bottom of my cheek, upper jaw area, corners of mouth outward? (Photo)

I have an issue with wrinkling and indentation at the area at the bottom of my cheek just over my upper gum/upper jaw . My doctor who is an ophthalmologist/surgeon who also does facial laser, injections, eyelid surgery told me I had loss of volume. I had laser done six months ago which did not help this area.

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Lower face treatments

You do appear to have some volume loss in the lower portion of your face. This is a natural part of aging, where our body slows the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Replacing the volume with dermal fillers can certainly help. I find that a far more satisfying and natural result comes from increasing your body's natural production of these substances.
ePrime is a fractionated radio frequency device that stimulates collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in your skin. This treats the actual cause of the problem that is bothering you. The results are dramatic and incredibly natural. You might combine this with a resurfacing treatment to improve fine lines and texture.

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Volume loss and aging

Volume loss does occur in the face over time. This starts at the age 30 and continues all the way through our 40s 50s 60s 70s etc.  Laser treatments can be very good to resurface the skin and create a tighter scaffold over your face. However it does not necessarily add volume to the face. Dermal fillers are going to be a very important part of this process to reverse the effects of volume loss.  The traditional dermal fillers can work very well, however you may also want to consider Sculptra. This allows for a longer lasting volumizing and can be very effective for volumizing of the perimeter face including below the cheeks.

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