What is This on my Hand? (photo)

I have this in my arm, and I don´ know what is, Is it a callosity? Some people told me this is due to stay many hours from the computer, and using the mouse. What can I do this go away?? Thanks

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Bump on the Hypothenar Eminence

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Before I was a dermatologist, I thought I could learn dermatology form a picture book.  That really is not the case.  It sounds like the bump has been there for quite some time.  It most likely is a benign process.  It certainly could be a callous, just like a writer's bump on the finger from holding the pen improperly.  There are other dermatologic conditions, one is call granuloma annulare, that usually appears on the hands.  Usually they are circular are tawny in color, but there are variants of this.  Bottom line, I can't tell what that is.  I would suggest a visit to your board-certified dermatologist and have it evaluated.

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