Why Are my Face Acne Medicines Not Working Anymore? (photo)

i was struggling badly with acne vulgaris when i was 14. i applied erythromycin solution and panoxyl cream on affected areas after in the mornings and AHA solution and adapalene gel after at night as instructed by the doc. it worked well and cleared up my face fast and for 2 years i didnt have acne but i still used it even tho id didnt have pimples anymore.and now my pimples have returned and worse than the ones i had years ago. i still apply the same things but its not working anymore. help!

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Acne Medications Not working

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Sometimes your acne will become resistant to the medications you have used so it would be time for a change.  The other thing to check for is an underlying medical reason for new onset acne such as a hormonal imbalance, or a new medication that you may have started for an unrelated condition.  One other suggestion would be to have your doctor culture your blemishes to be sure you don't have a condition called folliculitis which would be treated differently.

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