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I am scheduled to have a full tummy tuck, short scar arm lift, and groin scar thigh lift in two weeks. Is this too much surgery at one time. My surgeon said it would take 5.5 hours under general anesthesia and 2 weeks recovery time. I am traveling out of town for the procedure and will have a 10 + hour plane ride to return home in 3wks aftr surgery. I hve lost 85 lbs & maintained current wght of 155 lbs for 5yrs, I work out 5 dys a wk. I do take a low dosage of lisinopryll w/Hctz 10/12.5).

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The danger of long airplane flights for surgery

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This does not sound like too much surgery at one time. I would be more concerned with travelling so many hours on a plane before undergoing surgery. The risk of clots in your veins and pulmonary embolus go way up. These events can be life threatening. With the use diuretics and blood pressure medicines it is even higher. You need to have at least a 48 hour delay between getting off the plane and having the surgery. For safety reasons it is imperative that your surgeon communicates with the doctor who prescribes your medication and gets a medical clearance for surgery from that doctor before performing any surgery.

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