What Happens when You Cannot Lose Weight and It Affects Your Health?

Over the last few years my health has declined. I am very much over weight. My knees hurt when I climb stairs. SOB happens when I walk from one end of my house to the other. My back is in pain. I am constantly sleepy. And when I try to lose the weight and think I am doing well I can never shake it. I have a thyroid issue and take synthroid for it but now I am losing hope of ever getting better and my Doctor does not seem to care. Can you help me?

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What Happens when You Cannot Lose Weight and It Affects Your Health?

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Losing weight is VERY hard especially if accompanied by other medical conditions (low thyroid, Diabetes, Heart failure, Arthritis etc) and an inability to control ones' intake of friend foods and calories.

As a first step, your medical conditions MUST be stabilized (with raising the Thyroid hormone levels to normal, making sure if you are a man your Testosterone is normalized, any lung disease (COPD or Asthma) and any heart disease are corrected medically. Next, you need to meet with a Nutritionist who would design a diet based on YOUR current activity level. Third, you need to start woirking out with a trainer to build muscle mass aND help consume the calories you do take in. Lastly, a meeting with a Bariatric surgeon may be in order to see if you would benefit from weight loss surgery.

Good Luck

Peter A Aldea, MD
Memphis, TN

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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