Should I be using Melamix the rest of the week or just when blended with tretinoin?

My night regimen includes Melamin Melamix and tretinoin 1( Wednesday and Saturday) Should I use Malamin and Melamix the rest of the weekdays or should I stay using just Melamin.

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Melamin and Melamix use

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Generally when treating patients at our office with ZO Melamin, Melamix and Tretinoin we have our patients follow this protocol: Melamin used morning and night after washing and Melamix mixed with Tretinoin used at night over the Melamin. Perhaps there is a reason your provider has suggested using the tretinoin only twice a week, but for best results we recommend to try to build up use of that product to at least every other night.

The Melamin and the Melamix have the same active ingredient: 4% Hydroquinone. The formulations of the two products are slightly different though. Melamix is slightly more occlusive and when blended with the Tretinoin it helps drive the product deeper into your skin. Melamin used alone will work for treating pigmentation, but adding Melamix does make the protocol more aggressive if you are looking for quicker results.

Ultimately you should check with your provider to determine the course of action that is appropriate for your case. However, in general using the Melamin and Melamix everyday should be fine. Additionally, you may want to see if you can tolerate use of your tretinoin more than two days a week. (provided this does not contradict the course of treament your physician suggested). As always, when treating your skin with these products, be sure to use an SPF of at least 30 everyday!

Melarase creams twice daily for pigmentation and melasma

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Our office specializes in pigmentation treatments, including those for melasma and skin pigmentation. One of the most effective strategies we employ is the Mela3 program, which includes Melarase AM, Melarase PM, and RR Retinoid Repair Cream. 

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