Lump and Indentation on Left Gluteus

7 wks. ago I feel down some slippery stairs and sustatined a nasty bruise on my left gluteus. The bruise completely heeled but I still went to the ER after about 2 wks after fall & the doctor said that it was a hematoma that could not be asperated because it had been over 48 hrs. She told me to apply heat using a hot water bottle and in 14 days it would be gone. It has been a month since the ER visit and I still have the lump & indentation but no pain. What could this be? Should I go back?

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Dent after hematoma from trauma

AT 7 weeks, it is unlikely tha much can be done at this  point. After 3-4 months you could consider fat grafting to soften the appearance of the indentation.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock depression

If you sustained a hematoma secondary to trauma, usually they liquify in 2-3 weeks and can be aspirated.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Buttock deformity

If it was a hematoma, this is probably the residual effect. The hematoma has either liquified into fluid that can be drained and this might leave a depression or it has organized into a solid mass. This a common result of a blunt trauma often with shearing of the subcutaneous plane.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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