Lumigan and Side Effects - Why?

From what I understand, Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin similar to those that are in our bodies anyways. So why does the medication cause side effects and why has it been assigned to pregnancy category C? In other words: why would Bimatoprost do harm to our bodies or an unborn child that the prostaglandins in our bodies wouldn't.

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Latisse not the same as Lumigan

Both Latisse and Lumigan contain the same active ingredient, bimatoprost. However, Lumigan is a glaucoma medication applied directly into the eye while Latisse is applied to the eyelid skin to enhance lash growth, and the formulations are different. Anything approved for application directly into the eye cannot be too toxic, but listing it as category C for pregnant women only means that it has not been tested in that population. Keep in mind too that even completely natural things can cause serious side-effects

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Prostaglandins and Side Effects

  Prostaglandins or prostaglandin derivatives can be used therapeutically as abortifacients and should not be used in pregnancy.

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Lumigan and side-effects

Bimatoprost is in the class of prostaglandins but it is a synthetic analog and does not exist normally in the body. So yes it can cause side-effects. It's like saying trans-fat can cause problems even though chemically it is very similar to normal fat.

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Discoloration of the iris does not seem to occur in properly applied lash enhancer use. Pigmentation can happen but is reversible. New drugs are never approved for pregnant women because no one knows what can happen and pregnant women are not used in trial drug tests

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