Loss of Lips Pigmentation After Laser Treatment.Can the Colour Be Recovered?And How Long Will It Take?

Loss of lips pigmentation after laser treatment.Can the colour be recovered?And how long will it take(they have been two months allready and it has not be recovered)?I have noticed some white spots as well on the lips.The damage on the upper lip is more obvious.I am using sunblock all the time and I was been told by two different dermatologists at the beginning that it should recover within a month.Is there something I can do?Is this permanent?shall I wait for a longer period to see any results

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Laser Treatment and Pigmentation

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Thank you for your question. This depends on your skin type, and the type of treatment you had.  If you had full ablation around your mouth there would be more reason for concern.  I doubt you had full ablation as that is very uncommon these days.  Most use some form of fractional treatment which may result in only transient,  or temporary loss of pigment or possibly more pigment to form.  Allow 6 months to pass, and in the meantime, use liberal sunscreen.  You did the right thing in seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist, so continue with their care, and if they feel your pigment will return, you have very little to worry about.   I hope this helps.

Laser Recovery

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Your recovery depends on how you heal ,and the type of laser used.  Every patient heals at a different rate.  Follow your Dermatologist instructions for your best result.  Stay out of the sun and always apply sunblock.

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