How long does it normally take for moderate acne scars to go away?

I have had acne scars for about two years. They are moderate but I was wondering how long it normally takes for them to go away or at least fade away somewhat

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Acne scars and fading

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Scars from acne may go away based on the type of scar that you have.  I wish you had provided a photo of your scars.  If the scars are just red or brown, you can use topical creams or bleaches to expedite the healing process.  Lasers such as the V-Beam help accelerate and remove the red type of scars.  Hydroquinone or other bleaching creams such as those that contain Vitamin K or Vitamin C can also help accelerate the healing process.  If your scars are in the texture of the skin itself, you will probably need lasers such as the Fraxel to help repair the skin.    Please find a board certified dermatologist for the best cosmetic results.

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