I burned my skin with undiluted apple cider vineger, what should I do to heal the burns and will it scar? (Photo)

Had a few stubborn pimples and a big one without a head. So decided to use apple cider vineger on them. I have used it befor on cystic oimples and ot always worked great. But this time I am afraid I left it on for too long and it burned the areas of my face. Those areas are red now and turned completely black. And the middle part seems like raw whitish pinkish skin. I am so scared. Now how do I heal and get rid of the marks. Will it scar?

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Hyperpigmentation of the skin after a apple cider vinegar

The scar can potentially develop hyperpigmentation. I would advise daily application of Melarase creams to avoid the discoloration of the skin. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

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