Does Lipotron Help with Weight Loss?

I am looking to lose about 50 pounds and I have been at a stall for so long that I really want to give myself and extra push (both physically and mentally) to get going again. Despite diet and exercise my weight is not budging. I read that Lipotron or LipoEx can help get rid of fat by "melting" that fat and allowing it to pass through the cell wall. Has anyone lost weight with this? I'm not looking for a miracle just an extra push to get the weight loss started again.

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Weight loss approaches

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Lipotron is a radiofrequency device that melts fat under the skin surface. Like liposuction it is a way to remove fat and adjust surface contours. These methodologies are body surface contouring procedures not weight loss procedures. If you treat them as weight loss procedures the results are frequently deadly. 50 pounds is a significant amount of weight and I can empathisize with your frustrations in losing that weight. However, this is not the appropriate way to do this. If you cannot lose the weight on your own the safer way to do it is to see your GP or internist and try a medically supervised weight loss regimen. If you can be in a group setting with other individuals with similar issues that will be even better as you can support each other in your weight loss goals. This may not be covered by your health insurance but the lifelong savings to your health care are quite large and it is much cheaper approach than surgery. I am sorry to say there are currently no miracle cures to your dilemma just hard work on your part.

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