What is the Back Scoop Procedure?

I Would Like to Know Are There Any Nyc Plastic Surgeons That Are Skilled in the Back Scoop Procedure. Not sure if the back scoop surgery is even real in the plastic surgery world but some one please share some insight? Thanks

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Back scoop?

I had to look it up on line, but basically it is a sexier way to say liposuction of the lower back to enhance the contour of the buttocks. No biggie, done all the time.

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The back scoop procedure sounds like marketing...

Hi there-

It sounds like you have become victim to some creative and questionable marketing...

Any surgeon who gives his operations cute names to make it sound like only they know how to do them should make you wonder about them and whether they are the kind of professional you can trust with your safety and happiness.

It is possible to improve the curve in the lower back, and how it relates to the buttocks in well selected patients. In most cases, this involves a Brazilian Butt Lift technique.

If you are interested, find an experienced BBL surgeon near you and visit for a consultation.

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