How Can I Lessen Scarring Inside the Lower Lip?

I had a bike accident a month ago and broke my jaw in two places. Although the swelling has gone down considerably and I am now left with some residual swelling, the mobility of my lower lip has been completely restricted due to scarring along the bottom of my gum, affecting my smile and the general appearance of my face. I was wondering how long this will last, whether to expect any improvement and if there was anything that could be done about it? Thank you!

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Lip scar tissue can be removed with a surgical scar revision

I would recommend early intervention once the swelling is down. Options include surgical scar revision to reduce the bulkiness of the lip scar tissue. 

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Scars in the lips can change over the first 6-12 months

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your accident and subsequent scars. Scar formation can certainly limit the motion of the lower lip. However, injury to the nerves or muscles of the lower lip can also occur after facial fractures, and you should be certain that neither of these has also occurred. 

In some cases, the injection of steroid medications can lessen the overall amount of scar formation. Scars do change in the first 6 months and usually do not complete their change until a year has passed. Therefore, surgically revising the scar is probably inadvisable in the first few months after your injury. 

At the appropriate time, you may certainly benefit from scar release or excision in order to free up the motion of your lower lip.

I do recommend that you see your doctor to discuss the problem you currently have and treatments that may be available. Each situation is different, and only after a thorough examination of your lips can a physician provide an accurate diagnosis as to the cause(s) of your lip motion problem as well as the appropriate treatment. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!

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