Am I able to have a photo facial or IPL if I'm on Exemestane (Aromasin)?

I have Rosacea and in the past I've always had photo facials or IPL's (not sure what to call it) and it has worked well for me. The plastic surgeon in charge of my Aesthetician wouldn't her to perform this while I was on Chemo. She said wait a year until after I've completed Chemotherapy, which has arrived. But I am on Exemestane /Aromasin and I've read a person can be sun sensitive so I'm concerned that I'll have a bad reaction to my photo facial.

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Aromasin and IPL

Hello and thanks for your question.

Aromasin isn't an immunosuppressant and therefore shouldn't be problem with an IPL treatment.  Also, the PDR does not cite any issues with photo sensitivity so this should be safe for you.

Hope this helps and be well!

Dr. L

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