Why Isn't There a Law Where There Are Video Cameras in the Operating Room to Protect Us As Patients?

Is it legal to have a male plastic surgeon, male anesthislogist and 2 male nurses in the operating room if your a woman without knowing that there was no woman present in the operating room?

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Male staff vs female staff

Yes, it is legal.

It would in fact be illegal to hire somebody who was a particular sex, due to federal laws against discrimination. 

Everybody in the operating room has the obligation to adhere to the same professional standards governed by their respective licensing boards.

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Video of surgey

You really have 2 questions one avout videotaping surgery and the other about the sexes of caregivers at surgery. Patient privacy is mandated by state and federal laws. All plastic surgeons document their work by photography and increasingly by video. This is for insurance against baseless liability claims as welll patient education. In some cases it may also be used for reviews of past surgical experience or education of surgeon peers. In any case the use of those images and videos are regulated as part of the medical record and cannot be released in any fashion without patient consent.

As to the sexes of people in the operating room I do not remember performing surgery on any male or female patient without males and females employed in the operating room in many years. This was not by any choice it just happened that way. Even if you were to pick a female surgeon there is no guarantee that everyone in the operating room at surgery would be female. This point should be moot as your main priorities should be safety, results and cost.

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