Is It Safe to Have Laser Treatment While Breast Feeding?

I used to have acne. I suffer now from dark spots on my face. I'm considering laser treament. Is it safe while breastfeeding?

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Laser treatments and breast feeding

Any procedure that involves an ablative laser can result in a superficial infection of a bacterial or viral nature. This would not be good to pass on through the breast milk. I would avoid this type or procedure during that time. If you are having a non-ablative treatment such as IPl, it is probably OK.

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Lasers and BreastFeeding

If you are anticipating undergoing laser treatments that require topical anesthesia to the skin you may want to wait until after you have stopped breast feeding. If there is no pretreatment to anesthetize the skin you should be fine to procede. Remember there are various lasers that have different parameters and goals. Discuss thoroughly with your physician what your goals and expectations of results are so that he/she can best match the laser to your problem and not just use a laser because it is safer, but may have little effect.

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Laser treatments while breastfeeding

Laser treatments are probably safe, while chemical peels should be avoided while breast feeding. There probably have not been any studies confirming the safety of the various laser treatments while breast-feeding, but it would be difficult to see how laser/light devices to the mother could harm the breast-feeding baby.

Good luck.

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