Large Vein Going Down Center of my Forehead

I'm 25 and for the last two years this vein becomes apparent when I smile and it runs down the center of my forehead and is very unattractive. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make the skin thicker or to make the vein not show every time I smile and/or laugh. It also shows as soon as I tilt my head down. PLEASE HELP, I AM DESPERATE!

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Facial veins

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The question is does it fill from above or below. If it fills from below you can cut it at the lower part and tie off the ends with a suture. If it fills from above you do this on the upper part. The cons to doing so are a scar where the skin is cut to access the vein and a vein somewhere else in the vicinity may become prominent/visible after this one is ligated.

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