How best to treat this blister to prevent scarring? (Photos)

I wore hold ups with an elastic/silicone band three days ago. I must have shifted & pinched the skin without noticing. After taking them off the skin was quite ridged and red, but just seemed like marks from tight waist bands or other clothing. The next day they had blistered. I'm concerned the skin is more damaged than I initially anticipated. I didn't notice pain or discomfort at the time! The blisters are a little tingly at times but not painful to touch. How can I minimise scarring? Thanks!

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If this blistering mark just occurred a day ago, I would just give it time to heal and repair itself. Depending on how you heal or scar, time usually takes care of it. While its healing you can take special care of it by just keeping in clean and dry and may consider applying a light layer of healing ointment such as Aquaphor or Petroleum jelly to keep it moistened twice a day. Once the blister is gone and scar is left you could consider a scar gel or strips to help the look of scar if needed. If you are still concerned, seek a consult from a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can give you other options to consider.

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