Would Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Help a 25 Year Old with Dark Eye Circles?

Noticed from the picture attached, the area underneath my eyes is hollow, and dark, it's a shade or two darker than the picture - mind you the picture was taken with a hint of concealer . I have checked with a doctor, and he suggested using PRP as a solution . Alternatively he suggested using dermafill to decrease the visibility of the darkness and add some fullness to my thin face I am not sure what to go for as my face is slim. Surgery might not be an option, as I think it might be risky.

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Don't do PRP for this.

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This would be an experimental treatment and completely unlikely to be of help. PRP is not going to fix your dark circles.  Properly done under eye filler can be very helpful.  However, you do need to find an injector who actually knows what they are doing.  Restylane is the best product for this.

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