Is an Anti Acne Peel Supposed to Be Peeled Off?

I am using the Anti Acne starter kit. I dont have acne but I have very uneventoned skin and blemishes so I started this yesterday. My skin was dry but It has become more dry as I have been using this. I dont know if this is sutable for me.

The question I have is, does the peel form like a dry layer so that I can peel it off? because that is not happening to me. I am clearing it with a wet cotton pad.

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Does Not Peel Off In Sheets.

I am not sure why you are using an anti-acne kit when you don't have acne but anyway:

I am assuming that you are using Dr. Wexler's Anti-Acne Stater Kit. The peel part of this regimenconsists of glycolic acid. Glcyolic acid peels do not peel off in the conventional means of say a clay mask peel. You are probably obtaining the effect that its developers would expect.

For evenness of skin tone I would think that a Retinoid such as RoC Retinol anti-aging cream and something with Azelaic acid would be more apt in remedying your problem. The glycolic acid in Dr. Wexler's product may be good for evening out your skin tone but some of the other agents accompanying it are a bit drying.

PS: Wonder why Dr. Wexler did not request a Beta acid ( such as Sal Acid) be substituted for the Glycolic acid, since our literature seems to favor the former for acne.

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