Small bumps on my nose? Is it removeable? And what is it? (Photo)

So i had been struggling with acne for almost 7 years. And now i have these bumps on my nose. They are not red, it doest get hurt when i touch it. Is this removeable and what is it? Thank you

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Rhinophyma treatment

This is a condition known as rhinophyma. It needs either laser treatment or Infini treatment. It is usually associated with rosacea. 

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Bumps on the nose

Thank you for your question.  It is hard to tell from the photo but this could be a type of rosacea called rhinophyma or it could be multiple fibrous papules.  Both conditions are normal.  It is possible to smooth the texture of the nose with ablative laser treatments or smaller areas could be treated surgically by shaving the bumps flat with the surrounding skin.  After treatment the bumps may recur over time.  I wish you the best!  

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