Can I go for Plastic surgery after treatment of Isobest 20 or else any remedies or option for scar recovery?

Hi, I had treatment of Isobest 20 for acne. Then after my face had too many scars. So now i need your suggestion for remedy of scar what should i choose for, whether to go for plastic surgery or any other solution for the same. Looking for your valuable advice! Thanks in Advance.

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Acne scar

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There are many types of acne scars, mainly atrophic and hypertrophic. You have posted no pictures or given any descriptions to help us help you. Have you consulted a qualified cosmetic surgeon in your area? what do you mean by surgery? LASER resurfacing, excision, subcision, fat grafting, etc. 

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Can I go for Plastic surgery after treatment of Isobest 20 or else any remedies or option for scar recovery ??

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Thank you for your query. Yes you can undergo surgery for your acne scars after isobet. Various options available are dermaroller, microneedling, fractional co2 or dermabrassions done by plastic surgeons.All The Best

Multimodal approach to acne scars

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Thank you for your question. I find that multimodal approach to acne scar treatment is much more effective than any single treatment modality. The multimodal approach usually encompasses the following:
1) fractional laser resurfacing - CO2 is ideal for lighter skin types who can tolerate some downtime and usually requires one treatment. Radio frequency treatments are better for darker skin types or those who don't want as much downtime. They usually require several treatments.
2) Subcision techniques to break the tethering between the base of the scar and the underlying tissue. This is usually coupled with dermal fillers to help occupy the newly released space. Treatments are often repeated yearly, with improvements seen with each treatment as the untethered skin starts to remember it's less tethered state
3) Sculptra - is a specialized filler that builds collagen and when injected superficially, has also been found to help remodel the skin under the the acne scars
4) Ulthera - is a non-invasive approach to tightening the skin via collagen formation to help tighten the appearance of acne scars
5) Profound - is a minimally invasive radio frequency microneedling approach that stimulates Elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid formation in the skin. It also shows promise in helping with acne scars, but does require more study.
6) maintenance therapy with chemical peels, microdermabrasion and skincare are also important measures.
7) keeping good control of any active acne is also important to help maintain a healthy looking skin and mitigate against future scar formation.

A consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who has these multimodal approaches will be a great way to customize an approach for you.

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