I have acne since 6years,they are scar left behind , which treatment is suitable, plz suggest (photos)

my question is that, the acne scars are of which type, and wat all treatment I can go through, plz give me a suggestion, I just wat to get rid of them.

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Rolling and Depressed scars in India

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You have depressed and rolling scars. You could benefit from work in the deeper layers of your skin. Your improvement from lasering will be small. You will benefit from volumizing these scars with fillers. We have a unique approach to acne scarring called the acne scar vitalizer treatment.

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Acne Scars and Indian Skin and Best Treatment

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Based on the type of scars and your skin type I would definitely consider the eMatrix laser.  It will take approximately five treatments since your scars are so deep but please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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