Acne scars and large pores treatment? (Photos)

Hello Dr, I m writing it for the third time . Pl reply me . I had a bad acne history . Stil I have few black heads on my nose and for head . I m left with so many open visible pores and few acne scars. What is best to treat them ? Tca cross , carboxytherapy , or co2 fractional , I personally want to avoid fillers . Pl reply

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Multiple sessions for best results of many treatments.

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More on accurate assessment below in the video. I can only go from low resolution pics. But setting realistic expectations must be made from day one. You will need many different treatments because you have lots of different scar types. !. TCA CROSS- 2-3 sessions over 5 months. You will have PIH or skin darkening following this procedure as you have darker skin type. 2. INFINI and PRP 3-4 treatments, this will help with pores and atrophic scars. 3. Possible PICOSURE FOCUS- this helps with pores, but also decreases PIH from the TCA CROSS, would ideally perform this procedure in between TCA CROSS treatments as the brown areas can be reduced but also scar improvement compounded by this method. Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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