Ice Pick Scars on Nose?

What is the best proven treatment for ice pick scars on the nasal area? I read that the nasal area is quite sensitive compared to other parts of the face and TCA cross would do more harm than good?? Has anyone on here undergone treatment on the same area?

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Ice Pick Scars on Nose?

Thank you for your question. According to some peer-reviewed journals, 100% TCA is safe, minimally invasive, efficacious, and a cost effective treatment. I would recommend consulting under the supervision of a Board Certified Dermatologist for safest and best treatment option. Everyone's result will vary depending on the severity of the scar and skin type. I hope this helps.

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Ice pick scars in the nose with TCA CROSS or laser resurfacing

The best way to treat this area is through excision or using some surface method to create tissue build up. Once it is close you can then resurface the whole area to get it to blend in.

Philip Young, MD
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