I Have All These Little Bumpy Dots on my Arms, Belly, Breast Area and Around the Eyes? (photo)

Hi, I've had those little bumpy dots on my body where the skin is soft, like inner arms, belly, breast area. I also have some under my eyes and over my eye lid. The ones around the eyes are a little different, so the doctor in my country said. But they don't really know what it is. Can you help? I've had them for years. Some times there are also these little white dots under my eyes like zits, by they go away gradually. But these bumps are just there. How can I get rid of them? Thank you.

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Eyelid bumps

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The bumps on your eyelids are called syringomas.  They are small benign sweat gland tumors.  While difficult to treat I have found that they often respond well to laser treatment.  The lesions on your arms could be a number of different things but it certainly looks treatable.  I would strongly recommend that you see a good dermatologist in your community to have that assessed.  I hope this helps.

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