I Have Acne Scars but I Can't Tell What Type They Are? (photo)

With out knowing what kind they r its hard to treat them. I still get some acne but I now have very white, round, raised spots from were some acne had healed. It's mostly all on my chest and shoulders. Most time I do research I can't find anything about acne on females chest and shoulders.

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Treatment for Acne Scars

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It is difficult to determine exactly what type of acne scars you have from looking at the photos you have posted.  Most commonly, we find atrophic (or pitted) acne scars on the face, while hypertrophic (or raised, firm) acne scars tend to form on the body.  It is very common for women to have acne on their chest and shoulders; your dermatologist will be able to recommend prescription medications to clear up your active acne.  Chemical peels and laser treatments (such as Photodynamic Therapy) also work well for treating and preventing acne on the chest and shoulders.

As far as the acne scarring, if you have formed raised spots on the chest and shoulders, I would recommend treatment with a resurfacing laser.  Fractional CO2 lasers and the Fraxel laser are commonly used to improve the texture of acne scars.  Both lasers stimulate the production of healthy collagen and skin cells, in order to smooth out your skin's texture.  

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Acne scares

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One of the possible solutions for acne scaring is a Fraxel treatment. The Fraxel laser treatment produces tiny columns of energy, which penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.  This process stimulates the skin’s own process of healing; the skin responds to this signal by producing new collagen to improve the damaged skin.  The Fraxel laser treatment effectively treats atrophic (pitted) acne scars, while also removing the red and brown spots presents after the initial acne lesions have resolved.

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