I Have a Hypertrophic Scar from a C Section 2 Years Ago, Can Isotretinoin Worsen the Scar?

I am 35 and I had a csection a little over 2 years, my scar is horrible, thick and red, I also had mild acne all my life which was controlled when I was on birth control pills but I don't use the anymore bacause the we're causing dark spots in my face, I have tried everything for acne and I want to start accutane in a very low dose, but I need to know if my scar will get worse.

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Accutane and scars

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Accutane wont affect the appearance of the scar. However if you undergo a surgical or ablative Laser correction of the scar, Accutane will delay the wound healing process. This statement is not valid for nonablative Laser treatments and they can be an excellent option!

Danville Dermatologic Surgeon

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