How to Treat Hyperpimentation from Sunburn?

I am a 25-year-old male and have a hyperpigmentation question. About a year ago, I ended up lying down in the sun and placed a towel over my head that covered part of my upper back, which i was unaware of. I ended up falling asleep and burned half of my back since i had no sunscreen on. Now I still have two skin tones on my back and it really bothers me. I have been told 8% hydriquione would work on the area, but also was wondering if a Chemical peel would put that area back to normal coloring. Please help and let me know what I should do. Thanks!

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Try to bleaching creams and sunscreens first

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Hydroquinone is a bleaching cream. You can try that and sunscreens for a few months to see how much help it offers. Over and above this, you will likely need to seek professional help as this could be a hard one.

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