Hydroquinone 4% Side Effects?

Hi, after using 4% hydroquinone for dark spots out of acne, I noticed dark- brownish signs on my face. these signs did not fade away. my skin is tanned but I applied the cream in winter at night. will theses signs stay forever? :(

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Dark spots after acne and hydroquinone

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Without knowing more or seeing a picture it is difficult to answer this question.  It sounds like you have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne which can take months to fade even with the use of hydroquinone.  If you get irritated from the use of hydroquinone, this can also cause hyperpigmentation.  Rarely, with long term abuse of hydroquione, dark nodules of exogenous ochronosis can develop and these are often permanent.   I suggest you discuss this problem with a board-certified dermatologist.

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