Use of Hydroquinone Before Getting Pregnant?

For 5 years (pre-pregnancy) I used a toner with hydroquinone. I just stopped using it, and i'll do my 1st iui in 2 weeks. Was two weeks too soon? How long does it take for these medications to clear from the body? The book and website say to stop using these types of topical toner 1 month before conception, hence my question. what are my chance to get preggo? and did the hydroquinone will effect my pregnancy? do my body got any toxin?

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Do NOT use hydroquinone if you KNOW you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant

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Hydroquinone is a theoretical concern during pregancy.  If you are NOT actively using the produce while becoming or being pregnant, I think you will be fine.  Very small amounts enter the skin topically and are cleared quickly from the body.  I think a 2 week wash-out period that you mentioned is plenty.  

Walnut Creek Dermatologic Surgeon

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