Why Do I Get Huge Abscess in my Face? Options To Treat? (photo)

I have two so far and i dont know what to do so they can stop forming. It is very painful specially the one on top of my eyelid. The other one is near my ear it is about the same size of my ear and i am really scared. It started really small like a pimple and know it is huge and purple. I never suffered from this type of acne before, it started happening ever since I went through pregnancy and it is still happening. The pain from the abscess feels like stabbing pain and it is very itchy.

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Treatment of abscess on face

The treatment of this "abscess" will depend on how many you have as well as on several other factors. The best thing to do would be to see a dermatologist. If you have acne all over your face and this is part of a cystic acne picture then you should be put on antibiotics and possibly accutane. If you have cysts like this all over your face a dermatologist might even give you steroids to calm them down. If this is an isolated cyst then it can be injected with low dose steroid injection and might even benefit from draining, especially if tender. 

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