How Can I Minimize Scarring from Cosmetic Surgery?

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Your doctor can help minimize scarring by: Getting an...

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Your doctor can help minimize scarring by:

  • Getting an in-depth history from you to see if you are a good healer. Your doctor should check to see if you have hypertrophic scars or a history of keloids. If that is all negative, then we also have to make sure that the surgeon does a fantastic job at minimizing the scar.
  • Some of the ways to do this is to make sure that there's no tension on the skin wound. When we close the wound, we want to make sure we close the deep layer of the wound so that the skin just gently kisses when it is sutured closed.
  • Also, we want to remove the skin sutures in the region of five to seven days after the procedure so it won't cause any railroad tracks on the skin.
  • Following the surgery, we also use silicone-based gels to apply to the wound to help reduce scars. We ask our patients to make sure they have sunscreen on their incisions and again, do everything that's healthy for you.

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